Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Periodic optometric examinations are an important part of routine preventive health care. Many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms. Individuals often times are unaware that a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision and, when possible, preventing permanent vision loss.

The need for and frequency of optometric examinations vary with age, race, medical history, family history, occupation and other factors. Individuals with ocular signs or symptoms require prompt examination. In addition, the presence of certain risk factors may necessitate more frequent evaluations based on professional judgment.

When visiting River Place Vision Center you will receive a professional and comprehensive eye examination that should comprise of the following:

  • A thorough case history.
  • A full external examination that includes visual field, eye movements, eye muscle function and pupil testing.
  • Vision testing and refraction to correct your vision.
  • An examination of the external and internal structures of the eye for ocular disease and abnormalities.
  • An examination of the retina which will allow for the detection of diabetic eye diseases, glaucoma changes and other common health disorders.
  • Eye pressure measurement to help in the detection of glaucoma.
  • Professional advice on ranges of lenses suitable for your vision condition.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect at all times.